Goodbye Sweetheart

Elsa finds herself in an impossible situation when her gangstar husband kills her brother. She wants out.   

Noir style, solo trumpet, FIlm



Barry's Lament


Parking in NYC is never easy, and Barry knows that first hand. His quest is scored in guitar, bass and piano.

Billy's Transformation


Billy changes into a Zombie.
(Portrait of a Zombie, 2012


The Proposal

Richard receives a positive response when he asks the love of his life to marry him, after a long and arduous courtship

 (Bright Lights and Promises, 2010)


Flashback to the 80s
In-game throwback to 80s games. 


Futuristic Lounge


Gypsy Waltz

Guitar, voice, violin, bells


Sci-Fi opener
Techno, quirky


Haunted Cavern
Creepy cavern with creepy ghost kids. ​​

Slow techno-bed
Background for menu