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Creating your audiobook from start to finish 


Having worked for years recording, editing, QCing and mastering books for major audio publishers, as well as for individual narrators working out of home studios, I am equipped to make your project the best it can be, no matter the size or scope!



Services include but are not limited to:


- Recording (punch and roll or open, as you prefer)

- Editing (punch and roll or open- rates will vary accordingly)

- QC

- Mastering (any spec, be it for a particular publisher or ACX)

- Home Studio Consultation

- Audio Restoration (for records that need serious work at the mastering stage due to recording errors or accidents)

















"Amanda is my go-to editor for audiobooks. She has a critical eye for proofing, knows how to delicately pace things, and has a keen ear for final mastering. I completely trust Amanda with all of my audiobook editing and would highly recommend her to other narrators if I didn't want her time all for myself."

Jeffrey Kafer - SAG-AFTRA narrator at




"Amanda is a top notch editor who works quickly and really knows her stuff!"
- Alison Larkin, Audiofile Award winning narrator of over 100 audiobooks including

 Pride and Prejudice - the 200th anniversary audio edition and The English American, a novel,

written and read by Alison Larkin, part of  Audible's top ten list of best author narrations of all time. 



"Amanda has proofed, edited and mastered dozens of audiobooks and elearning projects for me. The quality of her work, attention to detail and her professionalism have ensured that I trust her implicitly with any work I might need done and  know that it will be of a quality I can share with my own clients without the slightest hesitation"

- Corey M. Snow, Audiobook Narrator and Producer of over 60 audiobooks

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